At a family reunion were the following people: one grandfather, one grandmother, two fathers, two mothers, four children, three grandchildren, one brother, two sisters, two sons, two daughters, one father-in-law, one mother-in-law, and one daughter-in-law. But not as many people attended as it sounds. How many were there, and who were they?

there were two little girls and a boy, their parents, and their father’s parents, totaling seven people.

fighting a one on one with Lv 40 Noctowl

In Tearnac he notices a commotion of people surrounding the news stands they believe that the Murderer of the CFO of Dina Corp has fled to Torra Some people cheer for this man as mom and pop stores have closed down looks over to see foreclosures at old shops. sees the man he helped preaching about a man who fairly fights for the people who represents justice and holds true to human kindness and the values of loving one another.

shopping at dina corp has not slowed or reduced in the least bit

Eugene – store owner, of a pokemart works at dinacorp in Novissme.

Elijah found the underground to make money
essentially amped up gym battles trainers fight with pokemon and their own skills to win non lethal only.
Come across a group of cruesaders robbing the passer by’s robbing trucks from dina corp, they have to win. So they capture wil when he breaks free capture him again and then elijah starts screaming as they go to kill wil they look over to see a black smoke appear around Elijah as the smoke disapates they see Elijah standing in black armor that is form fitting and a red cape drapes on the side the end is burned and torn on the end totally un-bound in a deep chest rattling noise Elijah says
“big mistake”
the fire in his eyes intensifies as he trust both arms forward blasting all the men away Elijah starts to whistle as wil frees himself again the sword once pointed at wil with the elegant hilt is now floating towards the dazed men they all look mortified. at the whistle pokemon start coming up looking at him in wonder

“Wil, should we bind them?”
drawing his hands forward the eniemies hands and legs are locked together Elijah whistles some more and the bulbasaur next to him stomps furiously as some roots break free from the ground and bind the enemies,
Suddenly the fire starts to fade and Elijah falls unconscious.

It happened once before the last time my dad was beating me my mom tried to stop him he pulled out a knife then i could feel it inside me a part of me i had never known before my dad looked at me in awe and said finally you have found the strength ive been looking for. thats when i beat him.

Jack the slayer, is discovered to be a crime lord in servitium in the capitol. 12 crime lords,


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